"Excellent radiator! Al, Marc & Jane are superb people to work with. They came to our shop and built a radiator that fit our needs! Had no trouble the entire season! Ran cooler than ANYTHING we've had in the past! Thank for the awesome hand-made AMERICAN product. Keep up the good work!"
-Chris Weinkauf #75

I've been racing Super Late Model for 16 years, running in 100 lap events to Saturday night short tracks, and I've tried radiators from inexpensive Griffen to top of the line C&R. None of them cool as well as an Al-Kul Performance Radiator! I would recommend it to anyone!"
-Jason Weinkauf #76
Schiferl Radiator, second generation owners Al & Jane Schiferl and their son, Marc, are committed to building high quality Al-Kul Performance Products that are 100% made in the USA. Racing is in their blood, but they'll build a radiator to keep just about anything cool.
When it comes to racing, keeping your cool is important for engines and maintaining speed. Being part owners of Redline Speedsports, Al & Marc are also involved with set up, maintenance and pitting for the 7-11 and 21 Super Late Model cars which run at Marshfield Motor Speedway, Golden Sands Speedway and Statepark Speedway (Wausau, WI).
Want something you don't see here on the site, let us know. We custom build every radiator for each customer.